What You Need to Know:

What you can expect with outsourced bookkeeping



       Automated Transaction Downloads

                 We save you time and money with bank and credit card transactions that are securely downloaded via bank feeds.  We monitor all of 

                   your business transactions each month and ensure they are categorized and properly classed to maximize tax savings.  You have access to your

                   bookkeeping file at any time and anywhere  where you can run reports to monitor your business activity and make important decisions.


       Updated Books

                    At the beginning of the month we will gather financial documents needed to do your bookkeeping and produce accurate financial statements. 

                    You will have regularly updated books in real-time and not after the fact to keep your business growing.


       Document Management

                   Say goodbye paper, hello desk.  We utilize software that automatically imports and stores your financial documents.  Eliminate data entry; sync

                   your bills, receipts and invoices with your accounting software.   Snap a photo of receipts, invoice or bill, forward your email paperwork, or scan

                   and upload your documents.  Your financial documents are also organized, filed and sorted.  No more chasing down bills or statements, they are

                   stored in one place for access at anytime and anywhere,  forever.


       Financial Reporting

                    At the end of the month  and after your books are complete, we will review and send you financial statements.  Gain insights into your business

                   with monthly financial reports with the option to customize your reports so you receive exactly what you need to assess business performance

                   and identify improvement opportunities.



Thom Bookkeeping will:

  • Download bank and credit card transactions via bank feeds
  • Record all your transactions
  • Reconcile your books
  • Provide monthly reporting
  • Store your financial documents

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  The entire setup process takes generally about 2 weeks.  After that, your bookkeeping is set to auto pilot.  You get to focus on your business while we take care of the bookkeeping.